Add App-6a symbol to palette bar


How to add App6a symbol to the IlvDiagrammerPaletteBar?


When an IlvDiagrammerPaletteBar object is created with the specified data and css file, a standard IlvDiagrammer object will be used to create the nodes and links defined in the data file and apply the specified style sheet to them. The nodes and links created by the IlvDiagrammer are IlvDefaultSDMNode and IlvDefaultSDMLink objects respectively.

The default IlvDiagrammerPaletteBar was not designed to process and render App6a symbols. In order to display and render an App6a symbol, you must create an IlvApp6aSymbol, subclass of IlvDefaultSDMNode.

There are two ways to display App6a symbols in the palette bar:

1. You can manually create the IlvApp6aSymbol and generate the associated actions from these objects.

2. Customize the SDM model to process the App6a node tag correctly.

Attached is the sample (modeled after the JViews Diagrammer/codefragments/editor sample) that illustrates both approaches.

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Last updated: 29 May, 2018
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