Installation of LEIF 2.5 on Windows Hangs


Installation of Leif 2.5 in the Windows environment may hang as a result of failing to set the Use folder names option during the extraction of the installation files from the zip file.  The installation screen will show the words, "Installing? installapache.bat" and fail to continue.  Below is a screen shot of the installation when it hangs.


When using WinZip® to extract files from the installation zip file, the Use folder names option should be checked.  This option is located in the lower left corner of the Extract dialog box.  If it is not checked, no subdirectories will be generated in the unzip directory.  The setup.bat looks for the install .exe file in the <install directory>WindowsDisk1InstDataVM.  Because this directory structure does not exist the installation hangs.



Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the Window?s Task Manager and end the task for the installation. Delete any files extracted from the zip file. Repeat the unzip of the installation file verifying that the Use folder names option is checked. If the unzip is successful you will see the directory structure, <install directory>WindowsDisk1InstDataVM, in your install directory.  Re-start the installation. 

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Last updated: 06 Nov, 2023
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