Abnormal Program Termination error with LEIF-generated project


Attempting to run a LEIF-generated executable from the MSVC IDE results in the following error:



This error occurs when the Bobcat container is not running, when the container was unable to load the dll, or when you've forgotten to deploy the project prior to invoking the executable.  It can also occur if you've modified the generated code and the URL is not found.

Note: the error message will also appear in a DOS window if you invoke the executable from the command prompt.


To resolve this problem, first verify that you've deployed the library to the Bobcat container using the generated deploy script.  Next, verify that the Bobcat container was able to load the library, by opening the DOS window for the container and reviewing the output.  You will see a directory listing for each context that was successfully loaded. 

If you do not see your project listed, review the Bobcat.log file located in the RW_HOMEin directory for more details on why the library was not loaded.  You will need to resolve any issues encountered before attempting to run your executable again.  Review the "TroubleShooting" section of the Bobcat User Guide for tips on resolving common problems.

Once the project is properly deployed, the container is able to load the library successfully, and the URL is correct, the executable will run correctly.

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Last updated: 06 Nov, 2023
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