Using custom build configurations


I need to add build and link options to the libraries built by the Software Parts Manager



Creating a custom build configuration in the Software Parts Manager

Click on the "BuildInfo" tab on the main window of the software parts manager. Right click on the "Configurations" option and select "Add" from the popup menu.

This will bring up the Configuration Creation window.

Configuration Name is only used in the Software Parts Manager to keep track of different custom configurations-- it does not have any effect on the resulting libraries.

Threading, Debug, Linkage, and Standard Library-- Make sure that these options are set according to how you want the libraries to be built. When using a custom build configuration you cannot change these options in the Build window.

Build and Link Arguments-- These arguments will be added during the build and link process.

Library Name Suffix-- This will be added to the libraries that get built with this configuration to uniquely identify the build type.

Click "OK" to save the build configuration

You can see the build configuration at the bottom of the Configuration folder in the main window of the Software Parts Manager. This configuration will remain in the Software Parts Manager until it is explicitly removed.

To build libraries using the new build configuration click on the "Build" button in the main window of the Software Parts Manager. Open the "User-Defined" folder and select a build configuration. Click on the "OK" button and the build process will begin.

Note- You might get "Dependency Check Failure" warning from the software parts manager after you start the build process. This is a result of the Software Parts Manager indentifying an "unofficial" configuration. This warning can be ignored. After the build process is finished, you should check the workspaces directory to make sure that the appropriate library has been built.

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