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Stingray Studio MFC Projects Integration with .NET

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Last updated: 04 Jun, 2018
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Posted: 01 Apr, 2009
by Meltreger B.
Updated: 04 Jun, 2018
by Meltreger B.
Stingray Studio MFC Projects Integration with .NET 
With the new Visual Studio 2005, it became really easy to use both MFC and Microsoft .NET classes in Visual C++ projects, getting benefits from both libraries. The pivotal feature opening this opportunity is the ability to build projects with /clr option, mixing managed and unmanaged code.
While applying this approach to Stingray Studio samples, a few different design patterns available were determined, use of them adds more flexibility to create a project fitting specific requirements.
Patterns demonstrated with new samples
  1. Stingray/MFC project built with the /clr option utilizing .NET features in mixed managed/unmanaged C++ code.
    Features demonstrated:
    • Adding a WinForm to a Stingray/MFC project.
    • Embedding .NET controls into Grid cells and calling GDI+ from MFC (Grid with .Net control in cell sample ),
    • Embedding .NET control into MFC view (Toolkit_Viz with .Net control in View sample ),
    • Using GDI+ graphics in Stingray/MFC projects (Showcase GDIpl and GanttChart GDIpl samples)
    • Consuming a Web service by Stingray/MFC project (Grid consuming Web service sample )
  2. Managed Visual C++ Windows Forms Application project modified to add a Stingray/MFC GUI
    Features demonstrated:
    • Adding a Stingray/MFC window to Windows Form (GridForm sample).
  3. Stingray/MFC GUI in a library used by a .NET executable (C#, VB.Net, etc.)
    Features demonstrated:
    • Creating a .NET control with Stingray/MFC window added to Windows Form (GridControl sample),
    • Modification of Stingray/MFC projects into dll callable from .NET executable (1stGrd, Adoquery, SuperViz, VB_1stGrd samples)
Samples for this project were developed with Stingray Studio 2006, but most of them still usable with later versions of Stingray Studio. Integration with .NET was elaborated in another project, see "Using Objective Grid with C++/CLI"
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