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SourcePro Static build looking for a shared Standard Library version

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2008
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Posted: 22 Feb, 2008
by --
Updated: 28 Feb, 2008

I have built the Rogue Wave libraries statically, but  after building my application, I get the following error message:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


The Apache C++ Standard Library lacks support for build tags. As such, conflicts will occur if multiple versions of the library are built in the same buildspace.  So if you have built both the Static libraries and Shared libraries into the same buildspace, then the last version of the standard library will be used.


The best solution for this case is to export all your diffent buildtypes into unique buildspaces.  You can do this by exporting (headers and source) into a new buildspace location.  For more information on exported builds please see the RCB User Guide.
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