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SourcePro install problem on Linux platform

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Last updated: 29 Feb, 2008
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Posted: 01 Jan, 2000
by Dean J.
Updated: 29 Feb, 2008
by Dean J.

RCB fails with the following error message:

"RCB did not install correctly on your system.
Some files have not been written to your system. This may be due to permissions or problems with your NFS system.Please ensure you have full permissions to this file structure."


Not having uncompress on your platform is the most common cause for this error.  The problem frequently occurs on Linux Red Hat version 9 and above and Red Hat Advanced Server 3 and above, because the ncompress package is not installed by default.

To determine if uncompress is present on your system, type in the uncompress version command shown below:

uncompress -V


The Red Hat Linux ncompress package contains the compression and decompression utilities that RCB uses to uncompress the installation folders.  So you will need to install the ncompress package either from your Red Hat CD installation, or from Red Hat web site.

Once the uncompress utility is installed, rerun the Rogue Wave Component Builder installer.


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