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An error message when the application tries to read an .ilv file: ## &IlvMsg020006

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Last updated: 25 Jun, 2012
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Posted: 22 Jun, 2012
by --
Updated: 25 Jun, 2012
by Meurgues A.


Why do I get this error message when the application tries to read an .ilv file: ## &IlvMsg020006?


There are two problems.

  • Why is there a warning when trying to read the .ilv file?

It is because an application predefined .ilv file, or a customer's .ilv file, cannot be read. Either the file does not exist, or it is at the wrong location. To locate the predefined data files, the application needs to get the environment variable called ILVHOME. If this variable is undefined, ILOG Views tries to get the value of the display system resource called HOME (ILVHOME is also valid) from the resource files (such as .XDefault on X-Window systems, or views.ini and <myApp>.ini on Windows systems).

  • Why is this warning under the form "&Ilv..."?

The customer's application does not use the right .dbm files. Since ILOG Views 2.3, the warning string is a message identifier that allows several translations to be displayed according to the application language. The exact message identifier is "&IlvMsg020006", and the English translation is "%s: Couldn't open file '%s' (check ILVHOME and ILVPATH)." This message database is in $ILVHOME/data/ilviews/views.dbm.

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