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Configure and Run Multiple HydraAgents
Contents Overview Configuration Files Ports Directories and Files Starting and Stopping the Agent Testing the Services Multiple Agents on a Single...
15 Sep, 2009
Incompatible JDK versions with HydraAgent 3.0
Problem When Hydra 3.0 (GA) is used with j2sdk1.4.2_11 or j2sdk1.4.2_12 (Java 2 SDK Standard Edition versions) and the project...
15 Sep, 2009
A Simple Example of Using Correlation Sets in Hydra
Problem We will be looking at a web service where a client may asynchronously access the service.  Not only that, but multiple clients may...
15 Sep, 2009
Changing the Port Location in a Hydra Project
Problem Most likely you have created your Hydra project using localhost:8090, as shown in the tutorials. However, you may find it...
15 Sep, 2009
Loading and Invoking Java Code Prior to Running any Services
Contents:      Overview      Use Case      Solution     ...
15 Sep, 2009
Modifying the HTTP Header
Overview Often a client needs to send application specific information as part of its message while making service calls. You can add this custom...
06 Nov, 2009
Custom Transports and Protocols using Rogue Wave ® Hydra
Contents Overview Use_Case The_Implementation      Configuring_the_Agent      The_Service_ ...
06 Nov, 2009