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Objective Toolkit
Workbook Document Interface (WDI): Subclassing the MDI client area
Problem How do I subclass the MDICLIENT when using the Workbook interface? Cause Note: It is highly recommended...
02 Apr, 2018
Accelerator keys do not work for dialogs embeded in a SECTabWnd/SEC3DTabWnd
Problem Accelerator keys do not work when a dialog (embedded in a SECTabWnd or SEC3DTabWnd) has focus. Cause This...
02 Apr, 2018
Linker errors when building Unicode projects.
Problem My Unicode project build does not link properly, what could be causing this? Cause Unicode builds need the...
02 Apr, 2018
Tab Windows: InsertTab() results in label display problems
Problem SEC3DTabWnd::InsertTab() causes tab label display problems. Cause Action The problem...
02 Apr, 2018
How do I use the m_pExtra variable available in SECTab?
Problem I am using a SEC*DTabWnd for creating tabs and associated windows. I want to use the void* SECTab::m_pExtra pointer variable for...
02 Apr, 2018
DockControlBarEx demystified
Problem How are SECFrameWnd::DockControlBarEx() and SECMDIFrameWnd::DockControlBarEx() used? Cause Action ...
02 Apr, 2018
Layout Manager: Static controls do not repaint properly
Problem Static controls do not repaint properly when used with the layout manager. Cause Action ...
02 Apr, 2018
Layout Manager: SECLayoutNodeSplitter vs. CSplitterWnd
Problem Is SECLayoutNodeSplitter meant to replace CSplitterWnd? Cause Action No,...
02 Apr, 2018
SECCalculator: Using the calculator class with setlocale().
Problem I'm using setlocale in my program, but the decimal is wrong. What can I do? Cause Action ...
02 Apr, 2018
SECDateTimeCtrl: Clearing the date/time control
Problem How do I clear the date in a date/time control? Cause Action Use the...
02 Apr, 2018

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