Objective Grid
Scroll with frozen columns
Problem When SetFrozenCols() is used to specify the column with SetScrollBarMode(SB_HORZ, gxnEnabled), the scrollbar may not move...
06 Jun, 2018
How to avoid cursor blinking on a grid view
Problem When a cell is set to readonly, the user still can select a cell and the cursor will be blinking in this cell. Cause ...
16 Apr, 2018
Hide first column in CGXMRTGrid
Problem How to hide the first column in the CMRTView and CMRTChildWnd class (Hierarchical Grid sample)? Cause ...
16 Apr, 2018
GX_IDS_CTRL_TEXTFIT ComboBox wrong item selection if Formula Engine enabled
Problem If a GX_IDS_CTRL_TEXTFIT ComboBox is used on a grid with the Formula Engine enabled, after activation of the drop down, the first...
16 Apr, 2018
Objective Grid: The current DateTime control only displays the Date
Problem The current DateTime control only displays the Date. Cause Action The format of the...
03 Apr, 2018
How to implement Cut method with a Virtual Grid
Problem Cut does not work if Objective Grid for Microsoft
05 Jan, 2012
Max and Min Date for Datetime Control in Grid for .Net
Problem User needs to set the Max and Min date values for DateTime control type in Grid for .Net Cause Action One can accomplish this using...
05 Jan, 2012
Numeric Format in Grid for .Net
Problem How to format numeric cell with following requirements: 1. Format of the Numeric values can be set by the user at run time. User should...
05 Jan, 2012
Tab to Grid for .Net Control on a Form
Problem I'm trying to tab to an OG control on a form, that contains embedded .NET controls, but it never receives focus. I have the TabStop...
05 Jan, 2012
Loading Performance in Grid for .Net
Problem What's the most efficient way of displaying the numbers in Grid.NET from viewpoint of performance and speed. Cause Action We...
05 Jan, 2012

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