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Using DBTools.J with the Oracle Driver: Objects Are Not Getting Released Correctly
Problem When I create more than 50 Selector objects (or other DML object) using DBTools.J and the Oracle driver, I get the following error: ...
03 Aug, 2009
Core dumps described in the Tools.h++ Professional readme document
Problem In the Tools.h++ Professional readme for the Software Parts Manager Edition 7 CD, there is a section that describes possible core dumps...
29 Jan, 2008
Failure building Standard C++ Library with aCC 3.25
Problem Some users experience a problem building the Standard C++ Library with the newer aCC compilers. The error message looks like this: ...
31 Jan, 2008
How can I print charts from Chart.J?
Problem How do I print charts from Chart.J? Cause Action You can draw your chart directly to a Graphics object and then send that to the...
01 Feb, 2008
Installation of StudioJ on Unix or Mac
Problem Installation of StudioJ, GridJ, ChartJ, BlendJ or DBToolsJ does not work and you get a Failure in reading CD Tracking Number File message. ...
05 Feb, 2008
The StockCursor SizeCursor is not working in zApp
Problem Trying to use the zCursor StockCursor called SizeCursor does not make the SizeCursor appear. Cause There is a bug in the Rogue Wave...
02 Feb, 2008
Catching exceptions from the inet module in Tools.h++ Professional
Problem Specialized exceptions (such as RWInetHostNotFound) are not propagated out to the calling thread in the Tools.h++ Professional inet module....
29 Jan, 2008
Can Money.h++ be used in multi-threaded applications?
Problem Can Money.h++ be used in multi-threaded applications? Cause Money.h++ is level 1 thread safe, as are our other libraries when built in...
05 Feb, 2008
Objective Grid/J: Database Connectivity
Problem Does the Grid support database connectivity? Does your JDBC class only work with the JDBC-ODBC bridge, or will it work with type-4 native...
31 Jan, 2008
Software Parts Manager Builds on Unsupported/Non-GUI platforms
Problem How do I build my Rogue Wave software products on a unsupported or non-GUI based system? Cause There are several reasons users cannot...
05 Feb, 2008

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