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Problem building SourcePro edition 7 libraries on windows 2003 IA64
Problem For the following configuration: SourcePro ed 7 Windows 2003 Itanium 64 bit processor (IA64) All debug builds produce the following...
08 Feb, 2008
Differences in Decimal Precision Between Optimized and Debug Code
Problem When comparing precision of decimal numbers, I see differences between the debug version of the code and the optimized version of the code....
08 Feb, 2008
Best practices using RWFile
Overview The intent of this document is to describe how to use RWFile effectively in portable applications. Data Portability  The RWFile...
10 Nov, 2009
Using RWThreadPool from the SourcePro Threads Module with SourcePro DB
Overview This example uses the SourcePro Essential Tools Module, the SourcePro Threads Module, and SourcePro DB. There are two “pools” of...
13 Jan, 2010
Unable to serialize types kept in a static library.
Problem I am having problems serializing types that have been configured for serialization according to the documentation for the...
07 Jun, 2012