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Editing and customizing JViews Charts palette symbols
Problem How to edit and customize JViews Charts palette symbols Symptom ILOG JViews Symbol Editor allows to create symbols that display dynamic...
30 May, 2018
All my labels are drawn on the top left with my IlvRandomLabelLayout
Problem Why are all my labels moved to a small area on the upper left side when I apply the IlvRandomLabelLayout? Cause In the...
30 May, 2018
Customize a JToolTip for an IlvDiagrammer
Problem(Abstract) How do you customize a JToolTip for an IlvDiagrammer? Resolving the problem The JToolTip object is created by the manager...
29 May, 2018
Specify (by code) the layout algorithm to be used by the IlvGraphLayoutRenderer
Question How to specify (by code) the layout algorithm tobe used by the IlvGraphLayoutRenderer? Answer Something like the following: ...
30 May, 2018
Internationalization in Composer sample
Question Does Composer support internationalization? Answer Since version 5.0, JViews Composer includes internationalization capabilities that...
28 May, 2018
Implementing an information box on an IlvManagerView
Question How to Implement an information box on an IlvManagerView? Answer It is possible to implement a fixed information box on an...
28 May, 2018
JMenu or JPopupMenu "hidden" by the JViews IlvManagerView
Question Why is my JMenu or JPopupMenu "hidden" by the JViews IlvManagerView? Answer Make sure you use Ilv[]J[]ScrollManagerView...
28 May, 2018
Improve the application performance
Question How can I improve the performance of my application? Answer The user manual contains a couple of sections with performance...
29 May, 2018
Support drag-and-drop in ILOG JViews
Question Does ILOG JViews support drag-and-drop features? Answer JDK 1.2.x added the support for drag-and-drop operations, and JViews...
26 Nov, 2014
Error "cannot find or create interactor nameOfInteractor" when using my own IlvObjectInteractor
Question I have my own IlvObjectInteractor. When using this interactor, I receive the error "can't find or create interactor nameOfInteractor."...
28 May, 2018

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