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Adding the DeploymentLicenseRequired declaration in JSF Web Application (Only Apply to 8.7 & 8.8)
Problem(Abstract) Correct place to add a call to DeploymentLicenseRequired declaration when deploying a JSF Web application in JViews Charts 8.7 or...
09 Dec, 2014
When using the nearest point picking mode for IlvChartPickInteractor, performing a mouse click on a polyline chart does not select the nearest data point
Problem Why the nearest data point is not selected when clicking on a polyline chart with IlvChartPickInteractor in the nearest point picking mode? ...
30 May, 2018
Implementing an information box on an IlvManagerView
Question How to Implement an information box on an IlvManagerView? Answer It is possible to implement a fixed information box on an...
28 May, 2018
JMenu or JPopupMenu "hidden" by the JViews IlvManagerView
Question Why is my JMenu or JPopupMenu "hidden" by the JViews IlvManagerView? Answer Make sure you use Ilv[]J[]ScrollManagerView...
28 May, 2018
Improve the application performance
Question How can I improve the performance of my application? Answer The user manual contains a couple of sections with performance...
29 May, 2018
Support drag-and-drop in ILOG JViews
Question Does ILOG JViews support drag-and-drop features? Answer JDK 1.2.x added the support for drag-and-drop operations, and JViews...
26 Nov, 2014
Error "cannot find or create interactor nameOfInteractor" when using my own IlvObjectInteractor
Question I have my own IlvObjectInteractor. When using this interactor, I receive the error "can't find or create interactor nameOfInteractor."...
28 May, 2018
My custom IlvManagerViewInteractor.processXXXEvent() methods are not being called
Question When redefining an IlvManagerViewInteractor, why are the processXXXEvent() methods not called? Answer If you haven't set a listener on...
28 May, 2018
Adding a label to graphic object
Question How can I add a label to my graphic object? Answer Some graphic objects already support additional labels (for instance IlvGeneralNode...
28 May, 2018
The nodes size appear to be modified after applying a graph layout algorithm
Question How to avoid the node's size from changing after applying a graph layout algorithm? Answer JViews layout algorithms never modify the...
28 May, 2018

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