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When freeing storage, your program crashes
There are a variety of errors that can occur when freeing and reallocating memory. TotalView's Memory Tracker, which is new in version 6.3, tracks...
19 Mar, 2013
How does MemoryScape (included in TotalView) provide you with the ability to see exactly which code objects, functions and allocations are using up the most memory
Optimizing your memory footprint can be important, especially as you scale up your application. Getting a back of the envelope estimate may be easy...
02 Jul, 2012
Using MemoryScape and TotalView together
 TotalView and MemoryScape can be used together providing you have the appropriate licenses for the products and the number of processes you...
28 Jun, 2012
How do I navigate all the source code files that make up my program?
Working with multiple source code files in TotalView is quite straightforward. You can dive on any function name in the source code window to see...
28 Jun, 2012
What is the CLI and why bother?
  The CLI (Command Line Interface) is a significant and under-used part of TotalView. The CLI, in a nutshell, gives you a second way to debug...
28 Jun, 2012
How do I configure the CLI xterm?
The xterm window used by the CLI is rather bland. By creating a CLI macro, you can make changes to this environment. Here is a macro that adds...
02 Jul, 2012
How do I debug executables linked with shared libraries?
When you start TotalView with a dynamically linked executable, TotalView: Runs a sample process and then discards it. Reads information from...
28 Jun, 2012
How do I see what TotalView executes when I use mpirun?
When you're using mpirun to start a program, you need to initialize the TOTALVIEW environment variable with the location of TotalView's binary file....
28 Jun, 2012
Using the Attach Subset Command
When you are running a large MPI job, you may not want TotalView to attach to each process as it starts. Instead, you may want to choose the...
02 Jul, 2012
Using wide characters
Beginning with version 6.6.0, TotalView can display wide characters using normal C and C++ conventions. If you create an array...
02 Jul, 2012

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