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JViews installer is failling on windows with error "Windows error 2 occured while loading the java VM"
Cause The installer is using the Java location specified in the PATH...
05 Jul, 2018
Objective Grid: CGXWndWrapper and printing
Problem CGXWndWrapper and printing Cause By default...
22 Jun, 2018
Objective Grid: Problems with calling SetCurrentCell() from OnAddedNewRecord().
Problem Problems with calling SetCurrentCell () from ...
22 Jun, 2018
Objective Grid: Using a CGXTabWnd in a static splitter window
Problem How can I use a CGXTabWnd in a static splitter window? ...
22 Jun, 2018
Objective Grid: Limiting the drawing area of the grid
Problem How can I limit the drawing area of the grid in my view?...
22 Jun, 2018

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How to create and run Stored Procedures in DB2
Problem How do I write a stored procedure in DB2? How do I call a DB2...
01 Feb, 2008
SourcePro 12.0.1 Release Notes
Introduction New Features and Enhancements New Features SourcePro...
11 Apr, 2018
Guide: SOAP and WSDL
A guide to the elements of the SOAP and WSDL specifications and how SOAP...
22 Mar, 2011
Objective Grid: Sending notifications to the parent dialog
Problem What are the steps to make the grid send notifications to...
16 Apr, 2018
Objective Grid: Toggling a checkbox
Problem When using the CGXCheckListComboBox class, currently I...
16 Apr, 2018