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How to create and run Stored Procedures in DB2
Problem How do I write a stored procedure in DB2? How do I call a DB2 stored procedure through DBTools? How would I write a native test case? ...
01 Feb, 2008
SourcePro 12.0.1 Release Notes
Introduction New Features and Enhancements New Features SourcePro Core Essential Tools Module Rvalue Reference and Move Semantics Scope...
11 Apr, 2018
Guide: SOAP and WSDL
A guide to the elements of the SOAP and WSDL specifications and how SOAP and WSDL interact. WSDL    Definitions   ...
22 Mar, 2011
Objective Grid: Sending notifications to the parent dialog
Problem What are the steps to make the grid send notifications to its parent dialog? I have placed a grid in a dialog and would like the...
16 Apr, 2018
Objective Grid: Toggling a checkbox
Problem When using the CGXCheckListComboBox class, currently I have to click on the actual checkbox to toggle the value. How can I change...
16 Apr, 2018

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JViews installer is failling on windows with error "Windows error 2 occured while loading the java VM"
Cause The installer is using the Java location specified in the PATH environment variable, specifically: C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath Then,...
05 Jul, 2018
Objective Grid: CGXWndWrapper and printing
Problem CGXWndWrapper and printing Cause By default the CGXWndWrapper class does not support printing. This is because...
22 Jun, 2018
Objective Grid: Problems with calling SetCurrentCell() from OnAddedNewRecord().
Problem Problems with calling SetCurrentCell () from OnAddedNewRecord (). Cause Action ...
22 Jun, 2018
Objective Grid: Using a CGXTabWnd in a static splitter window
Problem How can I use a CGXTabWnd in a static splitter window? Cause Action Here are the steps...
22 Jun, 2018
Objective Grid: Limiting the drawing area of the grid
Problem How can I limit the drawing area of the grid in my view? I want to display a big title above and below the grid. Cause ...
22 Jun, 2018