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How to create and run Stored Procedures in DB2
Problem How do I write a stored procedure in DB2? How do I call a DB2 stored procedure through DBTools? How would I write a native test case? ...
01 Feb, 2008
zApp 3.0.3 Online Documentation for Windows
Problem Where is the online documentation for zApp 3.0.3 in Windows? Action The online documentation is in the following places: ...
05 Feb, 2008
SourcePro 12.0.1 Release Notes
Introduction New Features and Enhancements New Features SourcePro Core Essential Tools Module Rvalue Reference and Move Semantics Scope...
11 Apr, 2018
Guide: SOAP and WSDL
A guide to the elements of the SOAP and WSDL specifications and how SOAP and WSDL interact. WSDL    Definitions   ...
22 Mar, 2011
zApp Error Codes
Problem zApp debugging error codes are not listed in the on-line documentation. Cause Action The table below describes the zApp...
02 Feb, 2008
Compiling Math.h++ 6.x with MSVC 4.2 results in errors in the file <tt>rwlpbla.cpp</tt>
Problem Compiling Math.h++ 6.x with MSVC 4.2 results in errors in the file rwlpbla.cpp. cl -I.. -Os -GX -D_X86_=1 -DWIN32 -DNOMINMAX...
29 Jan, 2008

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Filtering memory information
If your program allocates a large number of blocks, the information contained within the Memory Debugger's views can be overwhelming. In addition,...
14 Nov, 2023
Installation of LEIF 2.5 on Windows Hangs
Problem Installation of Leif 2.5 in the Windows environment may hang as a result of failing to set the Use folder names option during the...
06 Nov, 2023
Abnormal Program Termination error with LEIF-generated project
Problem Attempting to run a LEIF-generated executable from the MSVC IDE results in the following error: Cause ...
06 Nov, 2023
Establishing a connection to Personal Oracle 8
Problem I cannot establish a connection using Personal Oracle 8. Cause One difficulty with Oracle 8 involves determining...
06 Nov, 2023
Using custom build configurations
Problem I need to add build and link options to the libraries built by the Software Parts Manager Cause Action...
06 Nov, 2023
A Simple Example of Using Correlation Sets in Hydra
Problem We will be looking at a web service where a client may asynchronously access the service. Not only that, but multiple clients may access...
06 Nov, 2023